Bioptic Lenses Can Give Some Drivers the Freedom to Hit the Road

December 29, 2022

Driving can pose many challenges for people with low vision. Bioptic lenses can be a choice for some motorists with less-than-ideal eyesight. Bioptic lenses—formally known as bioptic telescopic lenses—are miniature binoculars that are affixed to one of both lenses of the eyeglasses you wear to drive. They allow you to see images larger than they actually are, which enhances the objects’ clarity. 

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Bioptic lenses’ main advantage is that they magnify objects in a driver’s sightline. For example, if your normal vision let you see up to only 10 feet away, a bioptic lens has four times the power to help you see clearly up to expanses of about 40 feet.

Here’s how bioptics work: They’re two lenses with one or two telescopes that are attached to the eyeglasses you use for driving. The telescope is placed a bit above your normal line of sight. The zoom lenses are a great asset in helping you see traffic lights and road signs that you wouldn’t normally be able to make out. To bring the bioptic lenses into your field of sight, you must tilt your head a tad downward or move your eyes a bit higher. 

Bioptic lenses aren’t for everyone because they don’t meet some drivers’ comfort levels. Bioptics require people to look through them up to 95 percent of the time they spend behind the wheel. That amount may be too strenuous for some motorists. Also, you must constantly look through the bioptics for just a fraction of a second to discern particular colors and to recognize road signs, traffic lights, surrounding vehicles and pedestrians.

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