Fight Off Eye Irritants

May 30, 2022

You spend most of your waking hours with your eyes open, so it’s no wonder that they’re so vulnerable to the outside world. And because your eyes are precious, you must protect them from irritants. 

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Here are some things that can affect your eyes. 

Allergies: Your peepers are your first alerts to allergy season. They’re also your barometer that a nearby dog or cat has dander. Use over-the-counter allergy pills or antihistamine eye drops, and a cool compress may soothe itching.

Smoke and swimming pools: Tobacco products and the chlorine in pool water (and even the air surrounding indoor pools) can make your eyes itchy and red. Calm your eyes with artificial tears and clean, warm water.

Your contacts: Keeping them unsoiled and in good shape is crucial to your eye health. Unkempt contacts are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Don’t use your contacts when your eyes are irritated. Disinfect and replace your lenses as prescribed by your eye professional. 

Stuff in the air: Dirt, dust, ashes, sand and particle pollution that float around can make you tear up. More importantly, however, they can also scratch your corneas. If you think something’s stuck in your eye, try to swoosh it away with water; don’t touch your eye or try to extricate the foreign matter. If it’s a serious situation, keep your eye closed as much as possible and immediate go to an eye doctor or ER. 

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