Color Vision Deficiency: Living in a World with Subdued Hues

April 26, 2021

The planet Earth is full of beautiful colors, from vivid reds to deep purples to lush greens. The gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean and the flaming-red lava spewing from an active volcano are amazing sights to see. 

But for people who have color vision deficiency (CVD), many colors are somewhat muted. CVD is the lack of being able to distinguish particular tones of color. CVD is also referred to as color blindness, however, only a small percentage of people with CVD are totally color blind. 

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“Normal” eyes see colors in their true shades thanks to each eye’s retina cones, officially called photoreceptors, which have light-sensitive tints that allow us to distinguish colors. The cones identify red, green or blue light based on their long, medium or short wavelengths. But if the cones lack one or more light-sensitive tints, they won’t recognize all colors. 

Most folks with CVD are able to see colors, with the most prevalent type of color deficiency being red-green. These individuals can see these colors altogether, but they struggle to tell them apart. 

Blue-yellow is another type of color deficiency. It’s a scarcer and harsher kind of color-vision loss because the afflicted people also have red-green blindness. The combination results in colors appearing to be only neutral or gray. 

People with achromatopsia see the world in only black and white or tones of grey. 

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