Try the Convenience of Sunglasses With Gradient Lenses

January 25, 2021

Many people who wear sunglasses find it very inconvenient when they must frequently go between environments that are brightly lit—outdoors, for example—to places that aren’t nearly as bright—such as stores, offices and other interior settings. 

It can be a bother to have to constantly remove their sunglasses and stash them in a place where they won’t get lost or damaged. That’s why gradient sunglasses were invented. Gradient means that the color of the two lenses gradually darkens from top to bottom. The darkest portion is for when you’re in intense light, with the lightest part suitable for low-light surroundings. There’s no need to take them off. 

At the office of Tropicana/215 Fwy, you can feel confident that we will help you pick out gradient lenses you’ll love. We have a large selection of frames and lens colors. Our optometrists are thoroughly trained healthcare specialists, and our office is clean, comfortable and meticulously disinfected. Your protection and well-being are our priorities. 

Gradient lenses are terrific for many activities, such as driving. The lenses’ upper part protects your eyes from the sun, and the middle (not as deeply tinted) allows you to easily view the dashboard. Gradients are popular with airplane pilots because their eyes must frequently dart between the windshield and the instrument panel. 

Gradients also come in handy while hiking. Your eyes are protected from the glaring sun, but you can see the ground right below you and its tripping hazards such as rocks, tree roots and uneven terrain. 

And let’s not forget the “cool factor!” It can be very stylish to be in nightclubs and still wear sunglasses. The gradient lenses will allow you to be in with the in crowd and still be able to see your surroundings. 

When you leave the office of Tropicana/215 Fwy, your new eyeglasses with gradient lenses will suit your taste, lifestyle and needs. We take your vision requirements extremely seriously. Please don’t hesitate to call us today!