Contact Lenses a Great Alternative to Eyeglasses

December 28, 2020

It’s pretty much a given that we all see things differently — conceptually and biologically!  Our eyes are as unique as we are – and like other parts of the body, they are subject to a host of conditions that can compromise our eyesight. Luckily, contact lenses have proved a boon for poor eyesight, but even they must be specially fitted for your particular eyes.  

At the office of Tropicana/215 Fwy, our trained specialists will examine your eyes for conditions that may be affecting them. After careful diagnosis, our team will find the specific lenses for your needs, and will describe the options most comfortable for you.

Contact lenses work just like eyeglasses — only they are worn directly over the cornea of the eye. They work by correcting the focusing power to the eye's cornea and lens. Contacts provide a safe and effective way to correct vision caused by these common eye conditions and others:

  • nearsightedness (myopia)
  • farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • distorted vision (astigamatism)
  • presbyopia (need for bifocals)

At the office of [BUSINESS-NAME] your good vision is our priority.  Even for the most difficult, hard-to-fit eyes, contacts are available in many sizes, and come in a vast variety of types.  You can be assured that our skilled doctors have years of experience in this area, and can prescribe the contact lenses best suited for you. Even if you have had problems with contact lenses you’ve had before, we will be happy to give you a comprehensive exam and fitting so that your new contacts will be completely satisfactory. To find out more or to make an appointment, give us a call today.