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May 4, 2019

If you have crossed eyes, a condition that is clinically known as strabismus, our Paradise optometrists can help. By knowing the causes, symptoms, and treatment options available, you can be out ahead of the problem and seek our eye care in a timely manner, which is typically associated with the most favorable outcomes.

Basically, strabismus is when your eyes are not properly aligned, working in tandem. This can be something that you are born with, but other than that there is not an identifiable cause for being cross eyed. Some potential reasons for the development of strabismus include malfunctioning of the nervous system's ability to control the eye muscles, the effects of a tumor, or some other eye disorder. In children, strabismus can also result in amblyopia, or what is often referred to as “lazy eye.” This means that one eye is weaker than the other. For adults, double vision is a common side-effect of being cross eyed. Peripheral (side-to-side) vision as well as depth perception may be negatively impacted by strabismus, too. Other symptoms are eyestrain and headaches. It is important that if you detect any indications of this disorder, either in your or your child, you reach out to our optometrist in a timely manner. The longer this condition exists, the more likely it can become permanent, particularly with children. The most common treatment options are simple, safe, and effective. Among them are the use of eyeglasses or an eye patch that forces the weaker eye to see properly. In some more severe instances, surgery can be necessary. It is done to strengthen the eye muscle and thereby correct the crossing of the eyes. The procedure may also involve weakening the strong eye to achieve the needed balance.

The most important thing to remember is that there is something that can be done about crossed eyes. Don't ignore the problem. It won't go away on its own. That's what our Paradise optometrists is here for.

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