Henderson Glasses

February 15, 2018

Eyeglass Lenses in Henderson

Henderson Glasses

A lot goes into picking the right Henderson glasses for yourself. This can be quite a challenge since there are so many factors that need to be considered. You not only need to select attractive frames that suit your personality and style but even more importantly, you need to select the right type of eyeglass lenses for your vision needs.

There are many different types of lenses to choose from. Such a large selection of lenses for Henderson glasses could make the process a bit overwhelming. However, when you go to a quality eye care practice like Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD that has knowledgeable staff members to assist you, the process will be a lot easier. When you choose our eye care practice, you’ll be in great hands. We have exceptional opticians who are available to help you find what you need. The many lens options that are available include: high index plastic, progressives, polycarbonate, trivex aspheric, and photochromic. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff members will take the time to educate you about the different types of lenses they think would benefit you. If you have more than one vision problem, bifocals or trifocals might be a good option for you. Instead of having to purchase more than one pair of eyeglasses, you could purchase one instead. If you need more than one lens power but don’t like the visible lines on bifocals and trifocals that separate the lens powers, progressives would be a great fit for you since they enable you to see clearly in all directions but don’t contain any visible lines. If your main priority is safety, Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses would be excellent for you. Trivex is light-weight, thin and more impact-resistant than regular glasses. They are both impact-resistant and offer UV protection. Polycarbonate is considered the standard lenses for safety. If light sensitivity is an issue for you, you should get photochromic lenses which are ideal for this since they automatically darken when you wear them outside.

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