Henderson NV Optometrist

October 13, 2017

Eye doctor in Henderson NV

Henderson NV optometrist

Don’t relax on your preventive care efforts, even if you aren’t currently suffering from symptoms. Doing so runs the risk of your eyes and vision eventually developing something without your knowledge. So get help. If that sounds good to you, that’s great. Now all you have to do is reach out to Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan and visit our first-rate Henderson NV optometrist. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Don’t let pride get in the way of you getting proper care. Tuck it away for now. Wondering what this evaluation involves? Let’s cover some of the basics. The doctor will kick this process off by asking you about your medical history and vision problems (if any). Once the Q&A session concludes, it’s time to measure your visual acuity—which determines overall vision quality. If it’s bad, eyewear will be recommended. After that, the next step involves the evaluation of both the front and the inside of the eyes—using flashing lights to get the job done. Upon concluding all of those tests, the professional will promptly address any concerns or issues. Some other little tests include: eye muscle, refraction assessment color vision testing, slit-lamp examination, retinal examination, and screening for glaucoma. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Now all you have to do is go ahead and visit Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan to meet with our Henderson NV optometrist.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Take the first big step toward healthier vision. Pick up the phone and call Optical Edge—or shoot an e-mail. Either way, contact our staff who will promptly help you schedule an appointment with our Henderson NV optometrist as soon as possible.

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