Henderson NV Eyewear

September 18, 2017

Women's eyewear in Henderson NV

Henderson NV eyewear

At the offices of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD, we supply patients with the best in Henderson NV eyewear and women’s eyewear. Our fashionable stock of glasses and frames are exciting and stylish. We’re sure you’ll find something that fits you just right and will have you and your family excited about wearing glasses. We carry designer and budget frames, and during your comprehensive exam we’ll fit you especially for your contact lenses to ensure that the correct prescription is given. Having the right prescription is key to comfortable fitting contacts. Many patients find they experience dryness and eye irritation with poorly fitted contacts lenses, which can cause eye ulcers and infections.

Our women’s eyewear come in specific styles to fit every face shape. Ask us about our brands. We carry both designer luxury and budget frames. All frames are extremely high quality and can be made on site with your lenses so that you won’t have to wait. We know each patient has time commitments and we value your time with us and want you to be happy with your service. Our Henderson NV eyewear is made with the highest quality materials and will last you for many years after your purchase. If anything goes wrong with them, we’ll be happy to fix or replace them when needed, so you can be assured you’ll always have good eyewear.

Besides Henderson NV eyewear we also offer soft contact lenses such as daily wear and extended wear, and hard contacts. Hard contact lenses, also known as rigid or gas-permeable (GP) lenses, offer wearers the benefit of sharper vision and work to correct problems such as astigmatism or nearsightedness. GP lenses generally have a longer adjustment period than soft contact lenses, but it’s worth it to have clear, sharp vision. Ask us about our eyewear and contact lens options.

540 Marks Street
Henderson, NV 89014
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