Glaucoma Treatment in Henderson NV

March 20, 2017

Glaucoma Testing in Henderson NV

Glaucoma Treatment in Henderson NV

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that affects the optical nerve. It is caused by intraocular pressure and fluid that builds up in the eye. It can be debilitating, causing blindness as well as vision loss. If you are experiencing symptoms that may be related to glaucoma, call our office today to get started with your glaucoma treatment in Henderson NV.

Patients should come in once a year for a regular eye exam so that you can have your eyes checked for any eye issues and to have a refraction for eyeglasses if needed. An eye pressure test helps us check for glaucoma. The danger of glaucoma is that many people don’t even realize they are suffering from it until they have already experienced vision loss. Testing the eye’s intraocular pressure helps pinpoint if glaucoma is starting to affect the eye, due to the condition causing built up fluid in the eye. Our testing procedures are designed to check for glaucoma, and if it is present, to give you glaucoma treatment in Henderson so that the progression of vision loss is halted.

Vision loss and damage to the eye from glaucoma cannot be reversed, but can be slowed with treatment. Glaucoma treatment in Henderson involves lowering the pressure in the eye in a number of ways. Treatment includes over the counter eye drops, laser treatment, prescription eyedrop medication, and as a last resort, surgery. Various medications increase the outflow of fluid in the eye and reduce pressure.Glaucoma medications are safe, but may have slight side effects such as blurry vision, reddening, or itching or burning in the eye. If you are taking glaucoma medication and find that you are suffering from burning eyes, call our office immediately so that we can adjust your prescription and give you treatments that soothe the eye and halt the side effects.

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