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January 26, 2016

Prescription Lenses in Whitney Ranch

Whitney Ranch optical store

Millions of people are diagnosed with some form of vision impairment in their lifetime. Some individuals are diagnosed at birth, during childhood and some people may not develop problems with their eyesight until they are full grown adults. In order to stay on top of your vision needs, it is best that you have your eyes examined regularly. That way, you can always be sure that your contacts and prescription lenses are as accurate as possible. Here at our Whitney Ranch optical store, our eye doctors Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD can provide you with the comprehensive vision care that you need.

It is generally recommended that people of all ages, regardless of their eyesight, have their eyes and vision examined by an eye doctor at least once per year. For people who already have eye conditions and vision problems, annual exams can be integral when it comes to monitoring your issues and making sure that they are always properly cared for. If any adjustments need to be made to your prescription, Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD can make the necessary changes to the strength in your prescription and have them applied to the prescription lenses of your choice. If you do not have any known vision problems, it is still important that you have your vision looked at once in a while. Many adults who have lived most of their lives with perfect vision may experience a decline in the quality of their eyesight as they age, usually seeing a difference after the age of 40 or 45 or so. Once your prescription needs have been attended to, we can show you what optical goods we have here at our Whitney Ranch optical store. From contacts to eyeglasses, we can match you up with the right style and the right brand in order to suit your personal preferences as well as your health needs.

Overdue for an eye exam? Call us here at Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD and our eye doctors will help you get the care you need right here at our Whitney Ranch optical store.

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