Blurry Vision Henderson

July 6, 2015

Treating blurry vision

Blurry Vision Henderson

Do you find yourself coping with a headache upon picking up your favorite novel or e-reading device before you even finish a chapter? Believe it or not, headaches while reading can be more than just a sign of a dehydration or stress, but are in fact the cause of eyestrain. Eye strain can occur when your eyes are being forced to work harder than they are accustomed to, causing your headaches and even optical pain. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need for optical problems of all kinds with blurry vision Henderson care at the welcoming practice of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD.

Farsightedness or hyperopia occurs due a genetic condition which causes the eye to grow into an incorrect shape. When this happens, light becomes poorly refracted into the optic nerves, causing the information being delivered to be fractures and lost in translation. In the case of hyperopia, this results in blurred vision at a close distance. The condition is most often diagnosed in children, and can be noticed by parents as a child who has difficulty or shows a sudden disinterest in reading, and has trouble with up close activities, such as writing and learning to do so. Blurry vision Henderson works to treat the condition with a diagnosis and prescription eyeglasses to correct the issue.

Nearsightedness, or myopia, can often go undiagnosed for years if the issues is not caught in early childhood. This is due to the simple fact that problem can often progress at such a slow and gradual rate that the condition can often go unnoticed for many years until it is pointed out to you by a friend or co-worker. Eye strain attributed to myopia will bring about headaches, squinting, and fatigue while driving, playing sports, or any activity which involves seeing at a distance of a few feet for a lengthened period of time. Myopia is also genetic, so patients with a family history of the condition will often develop the same problem at some point in their lives. Blurry vision Henderson treatment works to diagnose the problem as soon as possible, and can be treated through the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the problem for clear vision.

For the very best in blurry vision Henderson treatment, be sure to visit the experts at the state of the art practice of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff proudly serve your local community with a wide selection of eyewear and the latest in optical technology to correct many of the problems which cause blurred vision today, all at affordable prices. With the help of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD you can achieve perfect vision once more.

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