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April 30, 2015

Henderson Prescription Lenses

There are many advantages that contact lenses offer. They provide a more natural type of vision than eyeglasses do. In addition, they let you retain your full range of vision, including side-to-side (peripheral). Perhaps best of all, with contacts your facial appearance remains unaltered. If you've never worn contacts before, whether you are switching from eyeglasses or you believe you need vision correction for the first time, just make an appointment with us to be examined by our eye doctor. You should have a complete eye checkup once per year to detect changes in your vision and also to be screened for common eye diseases because they don't have any symptoms in their early stages. Our Henderson eye care is committed to your optimal eye health and helping you achieve the best vision that you're capable of having.

There are two basic types of contact lenses, soft and hard. With soft lenses, you have four varieties to suit your lifestyle and comfort level. Daily wear allow you to keep them in for up to 18 hours. Extended wear can be kept in overnight. Disposable are worn just once and then discarded. And color-changing contacts give you the pleasure of slipping into a totally new eye color. You don't even need vision correction from our Henderson eye care to wear them. Just enjoy them as a fashion accessory.


Hard contact lenses, also called rigid or gas-permeable, may take a little more time to grow accustomed to than soft lenses. But they are the best choice when you have severe nearsightedness or astigmatism. And they provide sharper and clearer vision than soft contacts. Which type of contact lens is the best for you? Our Henderson eye care will assist you in making that determination.

Because contacts are inside your eyes, it is essential that we give you a contact lens exam, checking those parts of your eyes that touch the contact lens. This includes your corneas, conjunctiva, and eyelids. We want to ensure you have maximum comfort and minimum chance for eye irritation, inflammation, or infections. We'll also do a fitting so that your contacts are properly centered, to make certain you are getting the most out of them. That's what our Henderson eye care is all about.

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