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February 18, 2014

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You might think that a visit to our Henderson eye doctor is only necessary if you’re experiencing vision problems or if you need new glasses or contacts. While it’s still important to have a yearly eye exam to monitor your vision and eye health, an eye exam can actually provide some insight into other medical conditions related to your overall health.

Eye Health Evaluations Henderson

A quick visit to our Henderson eye doctor located at the Marks Street Walmart, Dr. Trang Tan, OD or Dr. Esther Tan, OD can not only tell you if you need glasses, but they can also tell if you are exhibiting signs of conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Diabetes has been known to harm the eyes and can be determined through an eye exam. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels located in the retina or in the back of the eye, and the disease is known to increase the risk of glaucoma and other eye problems. Similarly, the effects of having high cholesterol can also be seen upon close examination of the eye. Retinal vein occlusion can occur when the blood flow to and from the eye is blocked due to the buildup of cholesterol, resulting in a blood clot that can cause sudden but painless vision loss. Either of these conditions can be identified after a thorough eye exam, and can be identified before you exhibit any other noticeable or damaging symptoms.

Monitoring eye health is not limited to the quality of your vision. Both of these health conditions are hazardous to your overall health, let alone dangerous to the well-being of your eyes and eyesight. You may not be aware that you have any general signs or symptoms until the problem has progressed significantly. Not only can Dr. Tran and Dr. Tan help you identify the presence of either of these conditions, but they can provide you with the necessary guidance to fix the problem before either condition further effects your body or your eyes. A routine eye exam with our Henderson eye doctor can help catch health hazards and diseases in their earlier stages and prevent any worsening progression.

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