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November 13, 2013

Local Henderson Optometrists

We’ve all experienced dry eyes at some time or another, whether from being in a hot and dusty environment for prolonged periods, staying up long past our bedtimes, or even from staring at a computer screen for way too long. For most of us, this state of affairs is only temporary, clearing up once we’ve gotten some sleep, used some over the counter eye drops or pried ourselves away from the computer for awhile. For a few of us, however, dry eye is something that plagues us constantly. In other words, it’s what’s called a chronic condition. If you think this describes you pretty well, your local Henderson optometrists would like to help you. Trang Tran, OD, and Esther Tan, OD, are experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating chronic dry eye, and are only to happy to see you.

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Dry eye occurs when tear ducts don’t produce enough tears and/or when the tears they do produce aren’t up to the task of lubricating your eyes’ corneas due to their being of low quality. The end result is pain, itching, blurred vision and even physical damage to your eyes -- none of which are any fun whatsoever. There are many possible causes of dry eyes. For example, old age, pregnancy and certain kinds of medications are common risk factors. Thankfully, there are many treatment options available to the modern dry eye sufferer. Depending on your unique situation, our local Henderson optometrist may suggest non-prescription artificial tear drops or omega-3 fatty acid supplements, teach you how to do special eye massages, or even keep tears from draining by partially blocking tear ducts with little plugs. Trang Tran, OD, and Esther Tan, OD, will determine the best course of treatment through a comprehensive eye exam involving low-powered microscopes, bright lights and special dyes.

If some nervousness is keeping you from seeking treatment for your chronic dry eyes, we want to assure that to Trang Tran, OD, and Esther Tan, OD, your comfort is a top priority. Your local Henderson optometrists are here to make you feel better after all! Don’t wait any longer to get your eyes back in good working order. Call or go online to schedule an appointment today!

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