Henderson Eyeglass Store

August 21, 2013

Henderson Eyeglass Store

When it comes to your next pair of eyeglasses, the right look for you is a lot more than the perfect pair of frames. Getting the best vision possible requires so much more than just the most accurate prescription possible, you also need the right type of lenses from a brand that you know and trust. Eyeglass lenses come in more options than you may realize, and the name brands behind them are always competing to come out on top, but which company makes the right lens for you? You can be sure to find the perfect lens for your vision needs at your local Henderson eyeglass store of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tran, OD.

Progressive Lenses Henderson

Many of us know Nikon for our digital and SLR cameras, but did you know the same company you trust to capture your precious moments is the very same that can insure clear vision you can rely on? Nikon creates today some of the most advanced lenses for single vision as well as varifocal lenses, for a lasting finish that will work with many different vision complications. Zeiss can give you the perfect addition to any pair of Nikon lenses with lens coating options that will compliment and fit your unique lifestyle, such as Teflon Clear Coat, Carat Advantage, Hydro Coatings, Mirror Coats, Anti-glare, and even Super Scratch Protection for durability from your trusted Henderson eyeglass store you can count on.

For those of us with stronger prescriptions, be sure to consider purchasing your progressive or high-index lenses from the leading name in the science of vision at Seiko. Seiko lenses have a unique back surface lens design for clearer sight when you need it most, and every pair of Seiko progressive and high-index lenses comes with an additional hard coating standard for added protection you don’t have to pay extra for. High-index lenses are often more prone to glare, so Seiko offers additional AR coating with their superior methods at a savings to you. You can find Seiko lenses for better vision than ever before at your professional Henderson eyeglass store that can be perfectly suited for your multifocal or severe vision problem needs.

Finding the right pair of glasses for your personal lifestyle can be a difficult one for those who suffer from severe vision problems or a difficult to fit prescription, and it can be even far more troublesome to afford the frames you want with the lenses you need for the best vision possible. Fortunately, your local Henderson eyeglass store at the offices of Trang Tran, OD & Esther Tan, OD is here to help by making the eyeglasses you need the ones you can also afford. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will work with you to create perfect pair to fit your vision and lifestyle for your best sight yet.

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