Whitney Optical Store

June 14, 2013

Whitney Optical Store

Contact lenses are an excellent alternative to wearing prescription eyeglasses because of their convenience and effectiveness. At our Whitney optical store, Dr. Tran and Dr. Tan can both prescribe and fit your contact lenses, and recommend the type that is best for you. Our wide variety of specialty contact lenses is meant to serve each individual need and budget at the same time. Soft contact lenses are the most popularly prescribed because of their superior comfort and ease of wear. We have all different types of soft contact lenses, including those designate for daily wear, disposable soft contact lenses, extended wear soft contact lenses, and even color changing soft contact lenses for both prescription and non-prescription wearers.

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Hard contact lenses, also known as gas permeable or rigid lenses, are not as comfortable as soft contact lenses but do provide sharper vision. They are typically used to correct cases of astigmatism and nearsightedness that are especially severe.  At our Whitney optical store, we also prescribe toric lenses for certain cases of astigmatism. For those who have presbyopia, we can prescribe bifocal or monovision contact lenses so you do not need to wear reading glasses. As you can see, our selection of contact lenses is virtually never ending, and so we can assure you that we will find the right type of contact lens that works perfectly for you.

To learn more about our contact lens expertise and the other products and services offered by Dr. Tan and Dr. Tran at our Whitney optical store, we invite you to browse through our website. In addition to detailed descriptions, we also have informative videos that our patients find very helpful. If you have any specific questions or comments regarding your eye health or our products and services, you can either call us during our designated office hours, or send us a message online using the short Contact Us form located on our website. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tan or Dr. Tran, please call the store directly during our designated hours of operation to discuss availability and secure a time that works for you. We hope to see you soon at our Whitney optical store.

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