Whitney Eye Doctor

February 21, 2013

Whitney Eye Doctor

The acclaimed staff of Walmart Vision Center are equipped and trained to provide comprehensive vision assessments and eye health evaluations to patients of all ages, including infants and seniors. Our team of licensed Whitney optometrists are certified in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sight-stealing eye diseases that afflict young children, such as amblyopia and strabismus, and older generations, like glaucoma and cataracts. During a comprehensive eye exam with Dr. Trang Tran, various tests are performed to ensure that if an eye disorder or disease is present, it is detected at the earliest possible stage.

Whitney Ocular Exams

Specific ocular instruments with high magnification are used to evaluate the external and internal structures of your eye, including your retina. Often before you experience any symptoms, our Whitney eye doctors can find evidence of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Additionally, eye diseases, such as cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are easily detected during this thorough examination of your ocular health. One such test that aids in the diagnosis of glaucoma is the measuring of your intraocular pressure with a non-contact tonometer. This machine gently blows a puff of air toward the eye and determines your eye pressure by the amount of air that rebounds off the eyeball. In general, your intraocular pressure is a good indicator of the overall health of your eye, which makes this a very important test.

Apart from diagnosing eye diseases and disorders, eye examinations with Dr. Trang Tran at Walmart Vision Center are focused on determining the state of your vision. From visual field screening to objective refractive error measurement, our eye exams test how well you see, how well your eyes work together, and how well your eyes can focus. To solve these vision-related issues, your Whitney optometrist will determine the appropriate optical prescription, which you can fill directly in Walmart Vision Center.

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