Whitney Ranch Eye Doctor

January 22, 2013

Whitney Ranch Eye Doctor

While you may cherish your vision and eyesight, it is most important to have clear and crisp vision when you are a child. For the first eight years of your life, your visual system is developing and any impediments to your eyesight can significantly affect learning and overall development. Your child should have their eyes examined by Dr. Trang Tran at Walmart Vision Centers at an early age to detect vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, amblyopia, and strabismus. Believe it or not, your child's first visit to their Whitney Ranch optometrist should happen between six and twelve months of age. Even though infants can't verbally respond to changes in their vision, a pediatric eye exam at Walmart Vision Center utilizes instruments and resources to determine their eye health. Pediatric eye exams will assess the following visual skills, which are essential in the learning process: near vision, distance vision, eye teaming skills, focusing skills, eye movement skills, peripheral vision, and eye-hand coordination.

Affordable Eye Exam Whitney Ranch

Whitney Ranch optometrist, Dr. Trang Tran conducts eye exams for people of all ages, specifically tailoring the exam to an individual's age and vision needs. However, in all eye exams regardless of age, our Whitney Ranch eye doctor will conduct a routine evaluation for glasses, glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts, and macular disease. Testing and analyzing your eyes for these common eye diseases will help prevent any unnecessary vision loss or eye damage. Our licensed doctors of optometry take pride in offering every patient the absolute best in vision care, whether you're visiting Dr. Tran to update your optical prescription, be fitted with contact lenses, or receive a comprehensive eye exam. Built on the foundation of complete customer satisfaction, Walmart Vision Center of Las Vegas is proud to serve all your family's eye care needs in one convenient location.

When was the last time your child received an eye examination beyond a vision screening at school? Take care of your child's eyesight and schedule and eye examination with Dr. Tran at Walmart Vision Centers.

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