Family Eye Care Henderson

December 20, 2012

Family Eye Care Henderson

Though the procedures and tests performed in every comprehensive eye exam are similar for both adults and children, your eye exam is tailored to you and your vision. Your eyesight and eye health is unique and are treated as such by the eye doctors at Walmart Vision Center. The process of examining your visual acuity and overall eye health is governed by your medical history, family eye care history, and a host of other vital information about your health. A number of factors, from allergies to medications, can contribute to current or potential vision problems. Dr. Trang Tran asks questions about your medical history to better understand your lifestyle and what visual problems you are likely to experience. This basis of knowledge can help point your Henderson eye doctor in the right direction, allowing for the potential of earlier diagnosis and more successful treatments of many common eye diseases, infections, and conditions.

When you come to see Dr. Trang Tran at Walmart Vision Center in Las Vegas, you can expect to be there about an hour, depending on whether you're receiving pupil dilation during your thorough eye examination. Visiting your eye doctor regularly is the only reliable way to maintain healthy sight and possibly prevent sight-threatening eye diseases. During this examination with our Henderson eye doc, you'll undergo tests including simple vision tests, like visual acuity, visual field, cover test, and refraction testing which are designed to check your overall vision, near vision and side vision. These tests may reveal vision problems like refractive errors that need correction with prescription eyewear or contact lenses.

Seeing clearly is just one part of your overall eye health at Walmart Vision Center. It's important to have regular eye exams with our Henderson family optometrists whether or not you wear glasses or contact lenses, even if your vision is sharp. If you haven't seen Dr. Trang Tran in over a year, call today and schedule a comprehensive eye examinations.

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