Whitney Ranch Eye Care

November 26, 2012

Whitney Ranch Eye Care

Welcome to Walmart Vision Centers! Located throughout Las Vegas, each optometry practice is dedicated to enhancing and protecting your vision. Whether your suffer from a refractive error or a debilitating eye disease, the Whitney Ranch eye doctor at Walmart Vision Center, Dr. Trang Tran provides treatment for your eye conditions all for the purpose of restoring your eye sight to 20/20.

Pediatric Eye Exam Whitney Ranch

Normal vision is often referred to as an eye that has 20/20 vision. Just like a camera, light enters the cornea of the eye through the pupil and is focused by the lens. These light rays are focused on the back of the eye, also called the retina, which transmits images to the brain through the optic nerve. When the cornea is misshaped, either too steep or too flat, the light focusing elsewhere in the eye and not on the retina, resulting in blurred vision. Many of the patients that come to see Dr. Trang Tran in Whitney Ranch complain of blurred vision, distorted vision, headaches, and eye strain. These symptoms are extremely common for undiagnosed refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Refractive errors are common eye conditions that affect visual clarity at varying distances, but are easily remedied with prescription eyewear, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery.

When you come to Walmart Vision Center located on Marks Street for an Whitney Ranch eye exam, your visual acuity will be tested. To check for the presence of nearsightedness or farsightedness, Dr. Tran will perform a refractive evaluation which will determine whether your eyes focus light properly. Next, Dr. Tran will conduct a visual acuity test to evaluate your ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances. When finalizing your optical prescription, the eye doctor will also check your eye coordination and muscle control.

When first diagnosed with a refractive error, our doctors will help you choose your eyewear, explaining how different lens coatings and styles can enhance your vision. Come browse our optical department today at Walmart Vision Center located on Marks Street and enjoy great prices for amazing, designer eyewear!

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