Henderson Eye Doctor

July 6, 2012

Henderson Eye Doctor

Henderson Optometrist

When you visit one of the thirteen independent and licensed doctors of optometry at any of the Las Vegas Walmart Vision Centers, you're making the best choice for your continued eye health. Our Henderson eye doctors believe that there is so much more to a comprehensive eye exam than just an accurate eyeglasses or contact lens prescription. Though regular eye exams are key to helping your family maintain good vision and eye health for life, our comprehensive exams also include testing for eye function, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other eye diseases. We take your eye health very seriously, especially because many eye disease that lead to vision loss are often asymptomatic.

We incorporate the latest technology as well as rely on thorough objective examination of the eyes to ensure that all health systems related to your vision are evaluated as well. At the end of our comprehensive eye exams, we will take the time to thoroughly explain the results of our tests, detail your treatment options if necessary, and guide you in making healthy optical choices for the future. Our Walmart-affiliated optometrists proudly serve the Las Vegas communities with a tradition of quality service and friendly staff. Whether you required an eyeglass fitting or an eye exam for your young child, we offer every patient the absolute best in vision care.

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