Some Eye Problems Are Easy Fixes

September 28, 2023

Each of your eyes is a complicated system of membranes, lenses, ducts, liquids and other components that work together to create your ability to see. And just as with other complex structures, things can go awry. Luckily, though, some eye ailments are more annoying than serious. 

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Most people occasionally have eye problems. Here are some that are no great cause for concern easily treatable.

Eyestrain can be caused simply by using your eyes for a long stretch of time. It can also come on if you don’t wear glasses but need to because you’re nearsighted or farsighted or if you already wear glasses but your prescription needs to be changed. The most common symptoms are headaches, a tense forehead and overwrought eyes. You can combat eyestrain by having your eyesight examined by an optometrist; taking frequent breaks from a computer screen or small electronic devices; or, if you’re been watching something far away, such as a movie in a theater, take a few seconds to focus your eyes on something close-up. 

If the whites of your eyes are tinged with red, it could be due to eyestrain, fatigue, irritants in the air or allergies. The surface of the eyes are blanketed with blood vessels that enlarge when they’re aggravated. You can put cold compresses on them, adjust your computer screen so it tamps down blue light, and use over-the-counter eye drops or artificial tears. 

Dry eyes syndrome (DES) happens when your eyes can't make enough good-quality tears. Symptoms of persistent DES are eye fatigue, blurred vision, redness, light sensitivity, mucus, stinging, scratchiness, discomfort wearing contacts and a constant feeling that there’s “something in your eye.” An optometrist can tell the best ways to manage your type of DES. One of the main methods is the use of over-the-counter artificial tears or eye drops. But because many brands of eye drops include preservatives, they might irritate your peepers and force you to try a few until you find the right formula. Warm compresses are also helpful, as is massaging your eyelids, both of which stimulate the oil glands to produce a better flow. Home humidifiers are also helpful. 

From eye exams to the latest in prescription eyewear, the office of Centennial Ctr employs the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities to determine the precise course of care and provide the best solutions. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us today.