If You Have Dry Eye Syndrome, We Can Help

July 27, 2022

If your eyes don’t make enough tears to stay wet or if your tears don’t hang around long enough to keep your eyes moist, you’re not alone with this bothersome condition. Millions of people suffer from dry eye syndrome (DES), which occurs when your tears don’t lubricate your eyes as well as they should. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. 

At the office of Centennial Ctr, our skilled professionals are experts at diagnosing eye issues as well as providing the treatment needed to maintain excellent vision health. We also carry a large variety of stylish eyeglass frames and non-prescription sunglasses. You’re sure to find one or more that pique your interest.

Symptoms of persistent DES are tired eyes, blurred vision, redness, light sensitivity, mucus, stinging, scratchiness, trouble wearing contacts and a constant feeling that there’s “something in your eye.” Paradoxically, those irritations are likely to make your eyes water. It’s a frustrating cycle. 

The proper production of tears washes away surface germs, dust and dirt. Germs can promote infections, which can lead to serious conditions. Dust, dirt and other foreign objects can cause small scratches or ulcers on the cornea (the eyes’ clear outer layer). 

Many cases of DES can be self-treated. An optometrist can talk to you about the best ways to manage your type of DES. One of the main methods is the use of over-the-counter artificial tears or eye drops. But because many brands of eye drops include preservatives, they might irritate your peepers and force you to try a few until you find the right formula. Warm compresses are also helpful, as is massaging your eyelids, both of which stimulate the oil glands to produce a better flow. Home humidifiers also help a lot.

Centennial Ctr’sprofessional team is made up of friendly, highly trained specialists who are eager to help you feel comfortable and relaxed while receiving the very best care. For more information about how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.