Spots in Your Field of Vision: Harmless or Serious?

March 28, 2022

Suddenly seeing dark spots creep into your field of vision can be alarming — especially when you can’t brush them away or rinse them out like a speck of dust. You’re hoping it’s going to disappear overnight, and it seems on occasion to be gone, only to pop up again as you move about and the lighting around you changes.

A visit to the optometrist at Centennial Ctr can help determine 

whether this change in your vision is something you should be concerned about, or if it’s simply a common sign of aging. At our clean, state-of-the-art office, we perform comprehensive examinations to assess your vision and check the health of your eyes. We can prescribe medication when indicated, and recommend further medical testing and evaluation when necessary. Our service maintains the highest degree of professionalism, in a friendly atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable and cared for.

Tiny black spots, specks, and “cobwebs” that appear in your vision are typically referred to as “floaters,” because of their tendency to move around. They are caused by bits of collagen that float in the clear, gel-like substance in the back chamber of the eye. These floaters can come close to the eye’s light-sensitive retina, casting shadows that we see as floaters. They may appear in your peripheral vision, and are more noticeable in certain types of light.

Although many people experience floaters as they age, you can be more susceptible if you have diabetes, are nearsighted, or have had cataract surgery. They are often harmless, but if many of them suddenly appear or a shadow or blurry area appears in your vision, it could be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment. 

Your eyesight is precious. If you have been experiencing floaters, or have other questions about your eyes or vision, our optometrist at Centennial Ctr is here to provide answers. Please contact our office today for an appointment.