June 16, 2020

At the office of Centennial Ctr we provide comprehensive care to help every member of your family enjoy better eye health and vision. For our pediatric patients, we aim to provide early intervention for conditions that can affect your child’s eyesight in the long-run. Amblyopia affects approximately 2-3% of children, and can lead to a lifetime of visual difficulties if left untreated. Fortunately, by bringing your child in for periodic eye exams, we can diagnose amblyopia early on, and deliver the most effective course of treatment.

Amblyopia is commonly referred to as lazy eye and it is the most common visual impairment in children. Lazy eye is an apt description, as this condition occurs when the two eyes develop at different rates, leaving one eye weaker than the other. The causes of amblyopia include strabismus, which occurs when the eyes are misaligned, as well as refractive errors and clouding of the eye lens. Because amblyopia typically only affects one eye, and the other eye can see adequately, you may not notice this condition in your child early on, and children with amblyopia in its early stages may not experience any difficulties themselves. During your child’s annual eye exam, our team will perform a visual acuity test  to see if vision differs between the two eyes. Treating amblyopia may involve patching the dominant eye; this helps improve vision in the weaker eye and stimulates development in the part of the brain that controls vision. In some cases eye drops can be used to cloud vision in the dominant eye, instead of wearing an eye patch. If amblyopia is caused by a refractive error, we may prescribe corrective lenses.  Vision therapy can also play a role in helping the eyes work together.  Early detection and treatment of amblyopia is the best way to ensure optimal outcomes of care.

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